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        The reaction kettle
        The reaction kettle
        The reaction kettle
        The category:Pressure vessel series
        The release date:2/9/2018

                          立式攪拌罐         半管不銹鋼反應釜             夾套反應釜







                 外半管不銹鋼反應釜          外半管不銹鋼反應釜               外半管不銹鋼反應釜





                 外半管不銹鋼反應釜           外半管不銹鋼反應釜

        The purpose and characteristics of the reactor
        Reaction kettle generalized understanding that has a physical or chemical reaction of the stainless steel container, through to the container structure design and parameter configuration, implementation process requirement of cooling and heating, evaporation, low speed of mixed function. The pressure in the reaction process requires different design requirements for the container. The production must be processed, tested and tested strictly according to the corresponding standard. Stainless steel reactor according to different production process, operating conditions, such as is not the same, the design structure and parameters of the reaction kettle, namely the reaction kettle structure style is different, belong to the underlying container equipment.  
        Stainless steel reaction kettle is widely used in petroleum, chemical, rubber, pesticide, dye, medicine, food and other production-oriented users and all kinds of scientific research and experimental research of the project, used to complete the hydrolysis, neutralization, crystallization, distillation, evaporation and storage, hydrogenated, alkylation, polymerization, condensation, heating mixed, constant temperature reaction process of the container.  
        The reaction kettle is an integrated reaction vessel, which is designed to function and configure the reactor structure according to the reaction conditions. From the start of the feed - reaction - discharging are to perform to a high degree of automation predefined reaction steps, in the process of the reaction temperature, pressure, mechanical control (mixing, blast, etc.), the concentration of reactant/product, and other important parameters of strict regulation.  
        The reaction kettle is usually made of carbon manganese steel, stainless steel, zirconium, nickel base (haji, monel) alloy and other composite materials. The reaction kettle can be made of stainless steel materials such as SUS304 and SUS316L. Agitator has anchor type, frame, paddle, turbine, scraper, modular, rotating mechanism can use cycloidal reducer, stepless speed reducer or the frequency control of motor speed, etc., can meet the special response requirements of various materials. The sealing device can be sealed with mechanical seal and packing seal. Heating, cooling jacket can be used, half pipe, coil, miller board structure, with steam, electric heating, heat conduction oil heating way, in order to meet the acid and high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance of different working conditions, such as process needs. Can be designed and manufactured according to user's process requirements.

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