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        A tube heat exchanger is used to transfer heat

        author:Hebei anhesheng machinery technology co. LTD

        Shell and tube heat exchanger and heat exchange equipment is used to make the heat from the hot fluid is passed to the cold fluid, in order to meet the process requirements of the device, is a kind of industrial application of convection heat transfer and heat transfer, the heat exchanger can be classified according to different ways, according to its operation process can be divided into the wall, hybrid and regenerative (or regenerative) three categories; According to the compactness of its surface, it can be divided into compact and non-compact types.

        The tube heat exchanger solves the problem of collective heating and hot water in winter. It works with collective heating heat exchanger principle is the same, just different from the size and style, household heat exchanger can be divided into cast iron type, drum type, steel type, storage type, plate type, the effect is pretty good, stainless steel heat exchanger is the application material for heat exchanger of stainless steel material, has the very good antioxidant properties, safety and health, are widely used in food, medicine, heating, water, air conditioning water, etc. According to the data of the heat transfer equipment promotion center, the heat transfer effect of the stainless steel heat exchanger is better than that of traditional carbon steel heat exchanger.

        Stainless steel heat exchanger made a more extensive application in many fields of the current, the heat exchanger adopts the food grade stainless steel materials, has a very prominent rust and prevent fouling characteristics, China is now the main production of stainless steel heat exchangers is shandong and jiangsu, the province is the largest pressure vessel production, enterprise scale is bigger, design and manufacturing ability is prominent, the biggest characteristic of eddy current heat exchanger membrane is economy and safety. Due to considering the heat exchange tube, between flow relationship between heat exchange tube and shell, no longer use baffle plate were blocked way to force out the turbulence, but by natural induction alternating between heat exchange tube vortex flow, and on the premise of guarantee the heat exchange tube don't rub against each other as tremor. Heat exchange tube of rigid and flexible configuration is good, will not collide with each other, both overcome the collision between floating coil heat exchanger damage problem, and to avoid the common tube and shell heat exchanger fouling problem.

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