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        How to spend the hot summer in the SF double tank?

        author:Hebei anhesheng machinery technology co. LTD

        In the summer, the sun shines on the earth, which brings us to life, but also brings us potential hazards. Such as forest fires caused by high temperatures, oil tank explosions and other major accidents. So what should we do if we want SF double storage tanks to survive the hot summer?

        As we all know, the oil tank has an important role in our society. It USES its big belly to store oil for us. It is the main equipment of the oil depot. It is widely used in storage of fuel oil and various petrochemical materials commonly used in the storage of industrial or civilian facilities.

        The things it stores are all inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, and they must be properly protected, especially in this dangerous time of summer, and more careful and demanding. The consequences of an oil tank explosion would be disastrous. Everyone knows the oil tank, but how can it be effectively prevented from exploding?

        Here's a suggestion to help you avoid the explosion of oil tanks: from the control of oxygen to the formation of explosive conditions. In order to avoid fire and explosion accidents, oxygen or air must be prevented from entering the storage tank, according to the conditions of combustion and explosion of combustible materials.

        For large capacity of inner floating roof tank, which can be a cash mixed operating mode, the floating plate in smaller range, reduce the number of floating disk space under the ferrous sulfide leakage is exposed to air, Adopt high liquid level operation to reduce the gas phase space and reduce the corrosion range; Adopting the method of inert gas displacement (nitrogen protection), the formation of oxygen free operation can prevent the formation of explosive mixture. When the oil tank pays oil, take protective measures such as steam or nitrogen. After the injection of steam is stopped, nitrogen should be injected in time to prevent air from entering the tank.

        The mutant ever victorious, put an end to the occurrence of danger from the source, make oil tank is not dangerous goods, be rest assured of power, to make it better to create benefits for our society and economy.

        Maintenance method of double deck tank:

        1. Maintenance and maintenance of oil tanks should be carried out according to the maintenance procedure of oil tank. Maintenance of tank is divided into annual maintenance, season maintenance and monthly maintenance.

        2. The oil tank accessories must be kept in good condition, inspected regularly, maintained and recorded.

        3. The tank shall be clean, and the tank shall be free of water, oil and debris. The oil tank insulation layer remains intact and the protective layer is intact.

        4. The manhole should be checked once a month, and the oil hole should be inspected every time before using.

        5. Tank breathing valve, hydraulic safety valve and flame arrester are checked once a month, once a week in winter. The breathing valve is flexible and easy to use. The oil level of the hydraulic valve meets the requirements and the oil quality is qualified. Firearm fire protection network is in good condition.

        6, lightning protection anti-static device in the spring and autumn each check once a year, and the grounding resistance is not more than 10 Ω.

        7. Crude oil heating system or hot oil spraying system and mechanical mixer should be kept in good condition.

        8. During tank cleaning, check and maintain the corrosion condition of the tank. (details of the safety requirements for the establishment of a gas station tank in the far east)

        9. The best way to do this is to choose the suitable oil according to the local minimum temperature. Where conditions are available, it is best to park in a garage with an insulated facility. In spring, the oil base will be roasted with a blowtorch, which will not only change the chemical change of the additives in the oil, lose the original performance, but also make the oil cementation and oil bottom deformation, which can cause fire easily.

        10. The more advanced removal methods are ultrasonic cleaning and elimination, but the most common and simplest method is the physical clearance method and the chemical clearance method.

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